Good Friday

Although I really love living in the Arc & look forward to chilling on the weekends with my two boys esp on Sat morning, that has ironicically been far and few in between! Somehow there has been quite a bit of church-related things I hv to attend to so I havent had the opp to even properly explore my estate together. This also means I hv not being able to invite some of our other friends for housewarming.

On Good Friday aft service, we finally nailed a lunch date with our punggol ex-neighbours and were so happy to have them over. We were meant to lunch at 12pm but they texted to say their boy Lucas was still napping and they wld be late. That was perfectly fine with us cause Ethan was flat out too after morning service and having watched his first GF production at kids’ church. He got scared by the monster and pointed out of the door. Lol.


So anyway when they finally arrived, C said she would go play with Lucas first & they would take turns to eat. But I quickly told them I had cooked “parent-friendly” food, i.e. everything can be eaten with one hand, child in the other, if need be. They surveyed, was convinced and we all ate together. Lucas even had his first bite of pasta haha!


After that was lots of playtime for the 2 boys and it’s so cute to see E try to make friends. He’s quite friendly and between a toy or a human, he would usually gravitate to the human. With Lucas, he showed his classic kissy face
& tried to hug him. He also crawled ard so fast, Lucas looked a bit stunned. E is just a few mths older but L is already starting to walk – I heard he sorta skipped the crawling stage. L attempted to crawl at first but in the end since he cld walk faster than E crawled, he stuck with that & of course, our champ crawler did what he did best.




It’s been such a blessing to have friends in the same life station journey with you and I hope E will get to grow up surrounded by other childhood mates like I did! Esp if he’s gonna be my only baby.

It was a truly Good Friday. Good because Jesus made good our messed up lives when He took our sin upon Himself. Good because as we are reconciled to Him, we can have relationships with fellow men. Good because we got to rest and relax (:


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