After looking at how much and how fast Ethan crawls, I thought that maybe going to an indoor playground might help him to both expend his energy as well as give him some stimulation/incentive to stand. I was supposed to hang on with some girl pals on Tues but since they cldnt make it and off days are so precious, I decided to troop down to Explorerkids at Downtown East with E.

I had earlier read that Royce Gym was great even for babies esp those who cant walk yet but it was so costly! $25 for the first hour! After reading up a bit, I thought I wld just try out E.kids since its 10mins fr my hse & only cost him $5 & $2 for me on off-peak periods. I am so glad I did.

E was sooo happy with all the space he had to crawl and explore, pretty much uninhibited. And with 2 ballpits for his age group to paddle around in, you could say he was definitely excited & fulfilled. The hygiene level was pretty good too and I saw the staff cleaning in the 1.5hrs I was there.




Hopefully there will be more fun & budget-friendly outings such as these soon and that papa Ong can join us too (:

Funny thing was after I brought him to E.Kids, he started trying to stand unassisted on his own the next 2 days! Sheer coincidence or real stimulation??





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