Happy Birthday Aunty Chio!

Just over a year ago, I brought E out for his first “party” in the form of Aunty Chio’s birthday & in just a blink, her special day has arrived yet again! This time, I had bought tickets to the Ikea Crab feast and with empty bellies + low expectations, the hubbs, my mum, J, E & I headed over to Ikea TM for the 8pm sitting. Since it’s Ikea, we really didnt expect too much but cause crabs are so expensive anyway and even at places that were supposed to be great at crabs didnt turn out that great previously, we thought there was no loss giving our fave Swedish store a shot.

And… it was surprisingly good in terms of quality of chilli crabs, organization of event & overall experience. The crabs were fairly meaty even though we only ate the legs (cause all the pincers were snatched up) and fresh/well cooked enough such that the flesh didnt stick to the shell. There was also constant replacement of crabs so no one had to wait. On top of it, there was IKEA meatballs, salmon, breads and cheeses if you cared for it.



Plus there was a small play area for E to release some energy as we took turns to eat so everyone left happy. Most importantly, J was satisfied & said this bettered a previous hotel crab buffet she had gone for.

The next day was her actual birthday so I took leave to hang out. We had the SG50 hi-tea at Goodwood Park which was basically an atas collection of local delights followed by a trip to the LKY exhibition at the museum.




Check out this hilariously cute tribute:


It was a really fun-filled two days & I’m grateful for having this sister to walk through all of life’s ups and downs. With her in my life, certainly more ups than downs and its great to have someone share the exact same wry sense of humor, or that sideways glance that say much more than words can communicate. Thank God for family! With my dad’s retirement coming right up, Im guessing there will be more weekday treats such as these coming up (:


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