Day with papa

After hearing all about E’s indoor playgrd outing and how much fun we had, the hubbs took leave so we cld all go together. Also, his regular coffee barista said he looked like **** so that egged him on to catch up on his sleep.

Enter the grandmother with a proposition we cld not refuse.

Since E has bsf every Wed morning, my mum asked me to drop him off on Tues night so we cld sleep in on Wed and pick him after our lunch for our outing. A free morning! An hour or hour(s) more in bed! Eating with 2 hands! Hot tea! I repeat. HOT beverages! Eating for longer than 5 minutes. Actually being able to chew before swallowing! Feeding MYSELF, only myself!

Of course we said yes. Teehee.

So rare a free weekday morning for just us that we were mostly phone-free.

We then picked E up who was super happy to see us and made excited sounds all the way to One KM. We brought him to Happy Willows which charged $10 for unlimited weekday play and FOC for accompanying adults. The place is way smaller than explorerkids but there were more toys for E’s age group.







Some aunty asked me how old E is and then said, “15 mths and cant walk?! You shld massage his knees..” blah blah. I just smiled politely and walked away. Later on, she was shocked to see E crawling quickly & standing up deftly. He can do all that, just cant walk yet in spite of my various efforts so just have to let him figure out on his own. I ask for advice and help fr other parents often but I dont know why strangers feel like they need to give you all these unsolicited (sometimes judgmental) advice. Esp those ntuc aunties who badger me with their “your son is cold/shld wear socks/shld not be in this cold section” comments.

Yes, aunty. He’s cold. Hence he’s sweating.

Anyway that was no dampener on my day. Just a side peeve. We had a great family time and after 2 hrs of play, I knew E was gonna pass out so we left and explored the mall a bit & let him nap in the pram. One KM is def a kid’s mall & there was one children’s bookstore that had really pretty books. I didnt get any but I def will next time when E is at the stage where he’s excited about choosing a book to read. I hope he does (:


3 thoughts on “Day with papa

  1. Yes i love that bookstore too! Took all my willpower to walk out empty handed haha (:
    And i totally get you about the unsolicited advice – and I’m only 7 weeks into this! We should make a tshirt that says something about this, lol.

  2. “Aunty you should wear socks too”

    “Oh Aunty will knee massages make my child a scholar?”

    “Oh Aunty, you boy or girl? I also can’t tell”

    “Eh Aunty you also look like a boy”

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