Celebrating W&L

On Saturday, I got to witness the nuptials of W&L and was honored to be their wedding emcee. Just about 2 years ago I was supposed to give the wedding exhortation at V&C’s CHIJMES wedding but I couldnt make it in the end cause I was hospitalised. Kwee gave the message on my behalf; truly an act of love since he hates public speaking and I was so sick then.

Thus it was a joyous moment that I “finally” got to speak at the beautiful CHIJMES hall and at the occasion of one of my girls.




Dinner celebration was at Peony Jade and the food was great! First time that I had suckling pig as a first dish and smoked duck in one of the courses. It was SO GOOD. I could also eat quite effortlessly cause E was quite well-behaved and was entertained by our table – big yay!


As we reached home from a long day of celebrations, this guy in the lift blurted out, “where do you get such small shirts??” wrt E’s cute shirt. I love how they look so matchy here. If I had daughters, I wld be in cheesy matchy outfits until they protest haha.



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