Tuesdays are always fun days cause I get to hang out with E and maybe meet up with a friend or two. Jenn & I had arranged way back to go to Tulipmania but the Nepalese earthquake happened and she was called to duty. There will always be tulips another year; more pressing is the matter of getting aid to those in need. Check out Touch International if you would like to help out in any way! I hv heard too many stories of aid getting stuck at the airports or with corrupt officials and I always prefer to give to a source that is already on the ground.

So incidentally my mum was also going to Tulipmania with my aunt the same day so we decided to crash the flower party. Of course E was delighted to hv so many ppl love on him (;






This year’s theme was fairy tales and they had some really scary construction like this:


Seriously?! Just show me the tulips thanks.

I always feel so relaxed strolling through the (air-conditioned) gardens and it was a welcome respite from the busyness of life. If God can take the time to shape and create each delicate flower so intentionally, surely He is a God who watches out and cares for our every need. There is nothing too “fluffy” for Him & I m honored to hv Him watching my back.

Looking forward to my next Gardens outing! Or maybe just lunch with the hubs to milk my Gardens membership šŸ˜€


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