It was a happy reunion as I came home on Wed evening and after a good night’s rest, we were off to SGH for his pedi checkup. Dr Vijay is truly a godsent and the first thing he said when we entered was “how was yr trip to Perth/Penang?” cause he remembered we were going on a family trip. It was Perth. He looked E over and told me to put him on the floor so he could see what he would do. In keeping with himself, E dashed crawled to the different corners of the room and started climbing on chairs, trying to exit..etc. Dr Vijay quickly went over to get him back and said quite evidently that he is alert and developmentally ok, nothing to be worried about (in contrast to the registrar who saw E before this). Height-wise he has caught up at 72cm and is now 3rd percentile while weight-wise he is 7.23kg, in keeping with his birth situation.




E is also walking unassisted alot more now. He had already begun to take a few unassisted steps before I left home but now he is able to do more and consistently! He loves people and having people ard him seems to motivate him to want to stand up and walk.


In my time away, the hubbs also taught him to nod YES and to smile on cue. Check out his awkward smile ala the father:



Because of his extremely social behaviour, he has also recently begun to not want to sleep when there are guests in the house. Previously he would sleep through all our dinner parties. Oh man. Not sure how I can “re-train” him at this point.


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