Look who’s walking!

In just one week, Ethan went from crawling to walking!!! I had been trying to get him to walk for the longest time but he wasn’t too keen. Took maybe 1 or 2 steps and then continued to crawl like a speed monster. Last Saturday however, he started walking a fair bit during cell time after service and then..he just kept walking each day!

Over the weekend, he walked 70% of the time during service and was definitely bonding with his pal Luke over torn newsletters and entering restricted zones 😀


Only issue is he wouldnt wear shoes cause he isnt used to having them on. Everytime I put them on him, he would start crawling. Haha. So this week’s mission is to get him used to wearing shoes/sandals.

His feet is still small compared to his walking peers so I hv not been able to find too many walking shoes. Most are prewalkers. Headed down to Mothercare & bought these pair of shark sandals after I put them on him & he tottled all the way out of the shop!

The hubs languished that both Ethan & him have the same issue of “cannot find his size” when they go shoe-hunting; one’s too huge and one’s too small. Just as well or I will be tempted to spend more $$$ on super cute shoes. Why.are.small.people.things.so.cute


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