Weekend celebrations

It’s been a sweet weekend of family and friends time and my heart is warmed, even in the midst of stress mode preparing for YA Camp msgs. This is the first time I am speaking two msgs back to back in a camp context AND with a baby in tow. You can say I am relying on God’s strength cause there aint much else to sustain me!

We celebrated S’s birthday on Sat and even though the biggest surprise was that it became a non-surprise, it was still nice to have all of BANG gathered for a weekend lunch. It was rare and momentuous, and visually quite arresting as we did some crowd control with our kiddos in the Gohs’ living room.
I really love this capture of us which sums up our ongoing challenge of taking a photo where EVERYONE is looking into the camera haha.



This is Ethan rekindling his love affair with his bouncer. Not sure he recognized it but how big he’s grown since then!


And then more baby action at Sat Svc thereafter. This is E hanging out with his pal Luke who has the most awesome thigh action and cheeks going for him. Pinch!



The following day, I was treated to breakfast lovingly made by one of my MG girls and I was filled with this pride and joy considering this moment that I am seated in her own home, being cooked for, reading a note of appreciation she had written to each of us. I hv led them for about 10 years now & even before I became a biological mother, they have given me a taste of mothering and its a good place to be. I hope my spiritual & biological children will greatly surpass me and bear much fruit (:




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