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I decided to leave my booking of our Ubud accomodation to after the YA Camp as a treat to myself for finishing up speaker responsibilities and I am so glad I didn’t rush through it. I was deciding between a treetop loft via AirBnB and a few other villas via agoda but in the end, I came upon a promo on one of the villa’s website and for just slightly more than the quoted agoda price, we get airport transfer, foot massages, cocktails etc thrown in! Reviews were “superb” on both agoda and tripadvisor so we are hopeful.

136402IMG_3193 lunch 4519655

With a valley view and breakfast in our room to boot, I am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. It’s been a while since I have been someplace new and with the hubbs alone. I guess this would be the closest I can get to Positano, again my favourite place in the whole world.

Throwback pics to our Positano honeymoon:

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I don’t watch many movies or read for fun very much but I managed to catch a few I liked recently, and which gave me the feeling of a brief holiday in my own home.

1. The Hundred Foot Journey, which made me want to eat, travel and believe in the good of humanity

2. The Age of Adaline, which made me feel like going to a faraway place and write. Also, how gorgeous is Blake Lively?!

3. The Magic of Tidying up, which made me declutter and REMAIN decluttered. Reading this alone was cathartic and I felt that the critical qn, “does this spark joy?” truly could apply to everything we allow in our lives.

4. Am now looking forward to receiving my Bread and Wine: A Love Letter to Life Around the Table with Recipes read in the mail


which I hope will arrive in time before my Ubud holiday!


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