T-Rex graduates

My recent lupus blood test results were not good. My white blood cell count is dropping and the implication of this is that it can make me more prone to infections, a weakened immunity. The doc thinks that my body might be rejecting a meds which was previously used to control my brain seizure so he has stopped that particular meds (which btw is so toxic, I am not supposed to touch it with my bare hands, and if I do, I have to wash my hands immediately). The deal is that if my body can cope with the existing course of meds and I show no other lupus activity, then he will cut that meds out permanently and hope for the best (i.e. no brain seizure). I am on this course for the next 3 weeks and will be back to see him end of June.

As I was evaluating my current season, I recognize that I had been quite physically and mentally stretched in the past months due to preparing sermons and the works. But actually what is more subtle is the fact that because I am physically tired, I compromise on my heath by eating whatever is convenient. I haven’t cooked since my rice cooker spoilt a month ago, which also coincided with the time that the hubbs decided to go on a no-carbs for dinner diet and cooking for one (a very tired one – me) is quite a chore so this has resulted in more takeouts or rubbish eating. This can’t go on obviously and I have decided to get back to cooking at least once or twice a week again on the days I am home, and be more responsible for my health.

In other news, Ethan has officially been discharged from his physiotherapy sessions at SGH. The main feedback about him in the past sessions has been that he is super easily distracted and I need to help him focus or he may not be able to study well next time (I reject that). So for example, if he had to stack 3 blocks, he wld lose interest after the 2nd block. And whatever the therapist wanted him to do, he would do very quickly but not be willing to repeat it cause he was on to the next thing. Being extremely deft and nimble, and now by walking on top of crawling, he also escaped her arms many a times as she tried to force him to sit still to do whatever task at hand.

I think she was supposed to give me tips on how to “force” him to focus but she didn’t really succeed and I didn’t buy the whole coercion to focus at this age. I think it’s part personality but also an age thing? He’s 17 months and super curious about everything; I say let him be. There will come a time when social pressure in the classroom will force him to sit still and I will let it take its course naturally. I already had in my mind decided not to come back for anymore sessions if she was just going to tell me he needs to focus so I was quite relieved when she officially discharged him instead. The physiotherapy sessions were meant to help the preemies walk well & it has been a great 1.5 years followup with SGH who really looks into the care of preemies. Ethan is walking pretty well, albeit T-Rex mode and for that, I am grateful always to God.


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