Food coma

My parents were away for a tribe retreat so I took leave to hang out with E on Friday and we inaugurated the long weekend by celebrating jojo’s 2nd bday. It kickstarted with good ole’ Macs where I discovered you could add cheese to your McSpicy (which makes all that difference according to C&C) & where I fed E his first fry. Haha. Of course he took to it immediately.

After that we headed to Polliwogs where HJE had fun playing, rolling and crawling ard. For some reason I felt it was more claustrophobic this time even though crowd level was actually slightly less than the May Day one & even though E is now walking, he didnt seem as enthralled with the play area. He kept walking to the corridors! Looks like I hv got to bring him to big open spaces to roam instead.



Over the weekend, the guys finally made it to our place for housewarming. The hubbs had been trying to arrange for months and in a moment of spontaneity
2 days before, the stars aligned and they found themselves free and available. As they headed down for a swim, I whipped up my standard simple fare of pasta, salad and wings. They contributed wine, whiskey and lots of cheese. So good! We ended our epic long 5 hour lunch with ice-cream and coffee and had food coma in between on our awesome reclining sofa. Guess everyone found their sweet spot.





Gab sweetly brought a soccer ball for E who was so delighted and proceeded to try and dunk it in the mini hoop cause kwee had been teaching him basketball. The ball was too big but that didnt deter him from trying again (:


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