JDOP 2015

After a week of discussing and googling possible places to park to get to JDOP at the Sports Hub, we decided on Kallang Macs cause we figured it was easier to exit that whole area and it was kinda far for people to walk to. According to google maps, it was a 20 min walk but we didn’t take quite so long and thank God for the fairly cloudy weather at 3pm. Esp when I was laden with a cute “sack of rice” in the form Ethan.

Typically, I would avoid mass crowds such as these esp with a baby but the Jubilee Day of Prayer is a very significant milestone for Christians in Singapore since we only turn 50 once and we haven’t had a national prayer gathering such as these in years when the National Stadium was torn down. It was a very moving and powerful sight to see so many believers from different denominations gathered to pray and bless Singapore and I jokingly told the hubbs that maybe one day I will get to lead gel/icebreakers on a national level, like what was happening at JDOP.

A true highlight was when PM Lee arrived at the final hour of the event. People were genuinely excited and happy to see him and even more passionate about singing the blessing song the team had prepared for us to sing and pray for him. It was a touching, almost sacred moment and even I felt overwhelmed.

Singapore will always be my home and I thank God that He has blessed us with plenty and with such godly leadership that has led this nation to where it is today. I truly hope my generation and the ones after will lead this nation from glory to glory and to always be a blessing to the nations around us, far and wide. So glad I brought Ethan along and that he could share in this historical moment even though he may not fully understand it at this point.

And now…we are off to Ubud!


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