When I went to pick E up yesterday, he looked a bit stunned then smiled and ran over to hug me. This morning, he woke up bright and early at 7.30am & proceeded to kiss me about 20 times as we lazed around in bed. My whole house has light pouring through & there is a slight echo in the living room cause we sent out our curtains and carpet for laundry. This also means that E cant nap deeply in the day cause of the super bright light. I totally understand, hence I myself need blackout curtains. My bedroom is usually dark and cool, like a cave.


In anticipation of a no-nap day, I alr had stuff planned. T’s bday lunch celebration & NTUC shopping in the late afternoon plus car wash (my act of service/love letter to the hubbs).

First, we stopped by church to pick up some stuff and E decided to flex some muscle.



Then lunch with an all-girl crew. We didnt get to eat T’s desired Mak’s noodles (epic long queue!!!) but we did manage to stick to the HK food genre followed by cakes at Lady M! It was a cacophony of noise with our little ones & it’s really quite amusing to see how our lives have evolved fr pre to post baby. Like me cutting up food everywhere.




Grateful for this bunch (:

In the late afternoon, after Ethan decided not to continue napping, we headed out to Century Sq NTUC Finest so I could buy groceries for the luncheon I am hosting tmrw. He dutifully held on to my capsicum and I have decided henceforth to come to this outlet because they always hv caps in stock and more yummy looking fruits like champagne grapes than the other NTUC near my place. How can they NOT have peppers??

So there we have our first full day of catching up with one another as the hubbs continues on in Lombok for his climb. Check out E’s hippie pants šŸ˜€



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