Baby blues & 4

July has been pretty insane and I wish I could just slow things down a bit. And then in the midst of it all, the little warrior got hit with a stomach flu. He had been waking up in tears at odd hours for about a week before the full effects set in. Here he is curled up on my bed in pain earlier in the week:


It was pretty rough seeing him cry inconsolably & feeling like I couldnt do anything to ease the tummy pains except carry him.

But Im glad he’s up and well again, and in time for a quick 4th year anniversary dinner with the hubbs. We went to Saboten at Millenia & Ethan chomped down his porridge plus 2 cups of chawanmushi. Guess he was making up for his loss of appetite in the last 3 days! Besides, the miffy kids cutlery set was too cute and wld inspire even me to eat more.



It’s been one amazing 4 years and quite a journey we have been on. No doubt about one thing; he has been right here with me in sickness & in health. I love you with all my heart (:


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