KL trip highlights

From 17 to 20 Aug, the yay team set off to KL for our team bonding retreat. It was my first time flying into KLIA and I was so impressed that the airport had a mall attached! When we exited, we were greeted with Famous Amos cookies, Gong Cha (everyone quickly ordered) and F.O.S shops amongst others. Our boss had generously set aside $$$ to bless the yay (young adult youth) team for accommodation and plane tickets so we just needed to cover the rest of our expenses. Since the SGD is now so much stronger against the RM, we had a field day eating and shopping through KL. Mornings were spent bonding over breakfast, sharing and reflecting over our learning and afternoons were pretty much spent helping the Malaysian economy while nights were spent at SIB KL‘s prayer altar.

SIB KL has been a blessing to BBTC in many ways and we have had their SP speak at our leadership retreat, church camps and sermons over the years. During this season, the church had embarked on a 40 day fast and pray, and they had two prayer sessions each day – 12 to 3pm and 8 to 10pm. On the Tues night we were there, it was a weekday, bad traffic from the city and everywhere as usual but 300-400 people still came with the heart to worship and intercede. The idea behind the prayer altar as opposed to a prayer meeting is that meetings end while altars are perpetual. They come with no specific agenda except to worship until the presence of God pervades and He downloads the specific agenda for the night. The general theme is interceding for Malaysia and I guess the nation is truly at one of its worsts now, financially, spiritually, politically. I could feel the burden that the Malaysians had as they came to pray and I wondered at myself – I wondered how I could have married a (now-ex) Malaysian, see my Malaysian FIL every week and not ever having prayed intentionally for them. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me. But that night, compassion filled my heart and I made a commitment to pray for Malaysia at least once a week.


Though I missed Ethan and the hubbs, I had a great time bonding with everyone and playing all the classic vintage gels like “2 truths and 1 lie” and “i have never…”. We play these all the time with our various cell and ministry groups but never with each other so it was quite hilarious to hear some of their fun facts. I was also stoked that we could go to El Cerdo for our first night dinner cause I had been really craving it since trying it a few years back with my in-laws. The iberico ribs were stellar and we ate so much. Think suckling pig, pork knuckle, paella, pasta, salad and desserts.


We blew a ton of RM on that crazy dinner and lived alot more humbly for the rest of the trip..like having cup noodles at 7-11 for supper hehe. Well, it doesn’t matter all that much where we’re eating as long as the company rocks!



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