Batu boys

So incredibly proud of the hubbs who took Ethan back to Batu Pahat on his own (without me) for his grandma’s birthday celebration. I couldnt go cause I had to teach at the EGG Series and after trying to work out a babysitting plan, I asked the hubbs, “why cant you bring E back?” “Hmm. Ya why not?” And so he gamely took up the challenge.

The hubbs is generally quite okay taking care of E on his own though E has a preference for me during his sleeping times. However due to my hectic night class schedule for the past months, the hubbs had already been putting E to sleep with increasing success (i.e. zero fuss) so this solo trip sealed his status as awesome daddy.


His relatives were quite shocked that I hadnt come along & were impressed by how he managed E cause they all grew up in a gen where the women minded the kids and the men slacked. Well, times have changed, & all for the better. I heard E had a fantastic time at Batu cause he had so much space to run around & he ran so much that Kwee had to carry him out of the restaurant and calm him down. To which he promptly burst into tears haha. Life is hard sometimes.

I contributed to their overall well-being by giving E a haircut the day before he set off



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