Hazy days & hazy nights

One of the mysteries of babylife is how they can “suddenly” change their sleep patterns overnight. Ethan hasnt been sleeping well and by that, I mean wake up at 10pm crying for us..a mere 2 hours after we had out him to sleep. We go through that internal upheaval over what to do; whether we should pick him up, let him CIO for a short while & if all else fails, let him sleep between us? Which means no sleep for us.

Well since I am speaking at YC this weekend and this disruption started on Sun night, I think its just a way to distract me and I refuse to be caught in that. No point being frustrated. Afterall Ethan is still very much a tiny human and wanting to cuddle up is quite normal. Though I am tired, it’s also quite sweet that once he’s on our bed, he would push the bolster out of my arms and snuggle in the nook of my body and place my arm around him haha. Such a precise hug-o-master.

Hope he reverts to his good sleep habits soon and also that the haze will go! A great portion of our time together is spent out and I cant wait for clear skies to take him out again.

We let him run around abit on Polling Day and he was sooo stoked. Hands and feet completely dirty but love tank definitely filled.




Haze-friendly activities:
1. Snacking & reading



2. Play-doh


3. Playdate with friends


4. Testing masks out


5. Supermarket shopping



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