Splashes of fun

On a day where the haze finally went down, we immediately headed out to the pool for a splash and E was sooo happy screaming down the slides. We had been praying for weeks for the haze to go and this was it!


Mostly though we have been at libraries for me to borrow baby board books and for him to roam around. So far people have been quite tolerant of him moving around so much and I have tried to solicit his involvement in picking out books.


At 20 months, he can identify a few things like ball, duck, bird, boy, girl, bear, car so he would point them out whenever he saw them. We borrowed a couple of books which had the “where’s wally” type of concept and he loves those! First books that he would sit through entire readings and on repeat.

I have also been trying to gather some craft materials to put together “busy bags” to keep him occupied at the dinner table and also, train his motor skills and focus. By train I mean lasting beyond 5 seconds of sitting time haha, & strengthening his pincer grip of smaller objects like toothpicks.


In line with the current haze home-bound situation, l also got him a toy guitar cause he loves plucking the strings of the one in office and I thought if there was only one instrument that he could play, it shld be the guitar. Got worship plus chick-magnet potential.


I love my days with him and I hope we give him a super happy childhood filled with much fun & faith. Everyday, he oozes so much joy that we just wanna keep squishing him & smothering him with kisses.

Ethan, I hope you will always know how much we love you.


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