Cebu Mission

After many years of YC-YA going to Cebu, I am finally on this one! Kwee challenged SOG to go on a mission trip together this year and it was to be a double first – for us as a couple and us as a cell. I fully expected to be dorming with the girls but I got a couple’s suite instead with kwee! The YWAM staff wrote personalised verses to us in a welcome card and I must say their hospitality throughout our stay was top-notch.


Meals were cooked in~house daily and we ate well. I thought it was quite epic to be feeding so many of us each day but then I found out that they would cook for the 1000pax at Jesus Fiesta each year so I knew then they were of a different level.

I interacted mainly with the YAs and it was a gd time of bonding both with SOG as well as the rest. Everyone had such gd spirit even under high stress & I dare to say there were no offences or offensive behaviour which is qt different fr what I was used to expect. It was my first production in years and so much fun to be acting for a greater cause. The heat in Cebu was so intense that the paint on my water bottle melted but worse off were the cast in costumes – namely Kwee and T.



Though I cldnt see the faces of the kids who came to watch as I was backstage, I could hear cheering and clapping when Booboo killed Hunter. Everyone loves a good end. J then came up to preach and at the altar call, I prayed for qt a few mothers. That surprised me cause I thought I wld be praying for kids but these mothers started coming to me. Maybe because I played a mother in the show?  (: I was v moved during that time and privileged to hv been able to pray for them. One of them was expecting to pop in Dec and I told her I had a Dec baby too!


On the last lunch before the YAs flew off, the staff cooked laycheon for us and we finally ate the roast pig we hv been hearing all year abt. They also gave thank you speeches and made personalised tees for us so that we “wont give it away”. Haha. I dont think I have experienced such hospitality fr ppl I dont know before.



Other than the inconvenience of having little to no running water for most of the trip on my floor which I was prepared for, it was a fruitful, intense and enjoyable few days.I think I m ready for the next one. I feel like this production shld really be brought to many more kids!


I also enjoyed time with the team and to hv learnt that T was one of the first kids who went on Mandate with his dad! We spoke a bit abt parenting and Im excited for when kwee takes E to Mandate in the future. Of course I missed the munchkin during the trip esp with the bad reception so I cldnt call & I did wonder if I shld hv brought him but cause Kwee and I were equally involved, we decided not to & I think all for gd reason since it gave us time to rest between rehearsals and space to connect with others. Also I know my folks had packed an exciting few days of play and fun for him so knowing he’s loved all around makes it easier for us to go.

In his Cebu tee and little bag + new I Spy book. How we love those. If Cebu had a specialty kids bookstore, it wld hv been the end of my wallet.



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