Wow. God. Wow

A holiday is the best way to kickstart the year and that’s exactly what we did as a family. Headed down to Perth for a week to crash in on Cherie and Tim and just had the most wonderful time unwinding.

But before that, I really must recount the series of blessings that have just astounded me. I had a very bad end to the year because of something personal that hit me; it weighed heavily on my mind and heart and I couldn’t sleep deep or well during that period. I was a bit of an emotional wreck and the lack of control shocked me really. It was also a time of reflection and introspection and I had to keep coming back to the heart of God to still me and calm me. In the midst of this internal turmoil, someone surprised me with a big love gift on Christmas. I was completely shocked when I opened the envelope and saw a thick wad of cash; I thought it was a mistake but the person assured me it wasn’t. That was most unexpected, and the gesture very much cherished.

My short family getaway in KL helped to give me some time out but my internal wrestling matter wasn’t as completely resolved as I thought it would be. How I knew this was because I had a small meltdown at a meeting in church. I couldn’t stop the tears and with Ethan on hand, had to make a hasty exit to gather myself. That night when I got home, I opened this package that P had given to me earlier in the day and I was so completely moved by her message and accompanying gift which she had thought very long and hard about. I guess God knew just about how much beating my heart could take and exactly what would help remedy it. The timeliness of this gift and the love behind it floors me.

The week after, I left for Pastors’ Summit in Malacca and I was ready to lavish in my quiet space – to relax and reflect. Then I got really sick. Caught the bug from 2 people which left me pretty much in bed for 2 days cause I just couldn’t function. I missed alot of the sessions to my dismay and could not go hang out with anyone so it was a real bummer. I hadn’t felt so sick in really long and in spite of downing litres of water and popping whatever pills available, I had a horrid throat inflammation.

I was worried about becoming extremely sick and infectious so i decided to ask the hotel concierge to arrange for a cab to take me to a doc. The cabby brought me to a polyclinic which turned out to be closed so he brought me to another one further away. My judgment was a bit clouded and I probably shouldn’t have gone alone but I just prayed for the best and thank God that this polyclinic was open. I didn’t know what to expect seeing CNY decor on the ceiling so I was surprised visually to be greeted by a female, Indian doctor in a sari. She was very kind and maternal and asked me for my occupation. A repeated question that was asked when I first took out my passport to register. I wondered inside if I would be refused treatment on that basis but anyway whatever concerns came to naught. When I went out to pay, I was expecting to be charged a bigger amount cause I am a foreigner but the admin lady told me it was free for me.


I must have said “really?? huh?” like three times before she said “yes, cause you are a pastor”.


Not only am I not getting charged extra, I am not getting charged at all. Plus my cabby was still waiting outside for me in the sweltering heat, of which I was very grateful. I wanted to weep at that moment from a combination of relief, joy and gratitude at how good and sweet God is to always have people looking out for me at the timeliest of times, in the unlikeliest of places.

Finally, just before heading to Perth, I had a made a mental note to go out to buy a small “travel-sized” tin of milk but when I went to my in-law’s home that day, my FIL passed me a box of regular sized milk powder which happen to come with a free gift. Yup. The free gift was a small tin of milk! So I didn’t need to go and buy it afterall. God knows, God cares, God provides.

When the disappointments of life hits and there are more questions than answers at times, I can always trust in His presence.


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