Hosting and cooking

I have been reading more consistently this year and soaking up lots of food writing. Writing about food by food people and reading lots of recipes as I prepare simple dinners to host. There is so much soul, memories and feelings that can be evoked by food and to feed someone is truly an expression of love.  

Ethan has the most excitable “Hello!” & jumps to welcome guests and its quite cute to see him bring people around the house for a tour. Mostly I am glad he still goes to sleep without fuss at 8.30pm when we host so we can have real adult conversation time thereafter and I have had the joy of having good friends come over to catch up on a few occasions since the year started. We also played host to a dear friend who needed some refuge for a few days and since then our guest room has been cleared out and readied to receive whoever needs a temporary sanctuary. 

If there is one gift I am certain of, it is definitely that of hospitality – just loving and caring for people through acts of service and being in our home. I know it was quite an adjustment for the introverted & private hubbs initially when we got married to always find people at my dining table and then at times living in our guest room but he’s now fully on board and we do it as a family and I’m so glad for that. 

Ethan has been reading more on his own at home though he’s still a maniac in the library. Runs in circles collecting books but at least he doesn’t yell.    

  The other day I freaked out a bit when it got too quiet around the house and when I dashed out to the living room, there he was reading by himself. #whenyouwishforsomethingandyoucantbeliebeitshappening
Also, his first masterpiece which now sits framed in his loo haha.   

Resolved to put up my art, prints & photos this year so time to get cracking! 



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