home goals

Today I visited my new mummy friend & cradling the month-old babe on my chest reminded me of all my koala moments with E which still happens now when he’s super tired or sick. Lately, he has developed a funny habit of wanting to hug me right after his shower while I am towel drying him and it takes about 355237 minutes now to get him changed. 

I also started toilet training him from a few weeks back and he has nailed the home poo and pee routine pretty well. Cute motivational stickers, boxers and potty stories help too!   

 The next step would be when we are out and when he’s at school. We tried to let him go diaper-free the first week he was at school but I think having 2 major adjustments (school and toilet training) was a bit too much. He didn’t pee at all on day 1 & he wet himself twice on day 2. I will prob try him out when we are out before letting him go diaper-free in school again. 
So far, he seems to be enjoying school. He rushes to wear his socks & shoes each day and insists on carrying his school bag himself. When he gets there, a K2 buddy awaits to bring him to assembly which I think is so thoughtful on the school end. I also look forward to all the FB updates on special events like this from their Easter celebrations:

We tried to get E to practise the egg balancing game at home and he was so good with his left hand but completely sucked with the right! We also noticed that he’s much better and prefers to eat with his left hand. I always thought toddlers are ambidextrous but looks like his hand preference is quite strong now. 

With my home goals in mind, I hv also finally gotten round to putting up more of my prints and photos. 

Timely reminder esp during my busy and stressful season    

I did the photo wall during E’s nap time and when he awoke, he quickly pulled up the chair himself, sat on it and started pointing out all the ppl he knew!

 this is not art haha but I thought air-fryer muffins deserved a mention as part of my home goals. When I can get over mess, I will let E help me with putting the blueberries into the muffin cups. 

& I really love these ones printed on old dictionary pages   

I hv been reading more consistently and am now starting on a book called “How to read a book” as part of my 2016 plan to build deep. I hv such low memory retention though I enjoy reading that there must be something I ain’t doing right and I hope to grow in this aspect. This means carving out me-time each Tues now that E is in school for a few hours. 3-hour bliss



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