prison break

So one of the biggest changes that have hit the Ong household is that Ethan rejected his cot/room overnight and just absolutely refused to be in it. By sheer determination, he leapt out of his cot and scared the life out of us quite a few times before we decided to convert his cot to a bed. He took it like you would a new play area but then refused to nap or sleep in it. He just kept saying “I want daddy’s bed”. 

Out of fatigue and being at our wits end, we let him sleep between us on our bed, hoping that he would magically return to the comfort of his room the next day but… well it has been 3 weeks. He would lie in his room for a bit and then upon discovering that we weren’t there, walk over to our side. As a result, all of us are sleeping lightly or having very disrupted sleep. Mine out of paranoia, his out of insecurity..? 

We also got Ps F and Wife to come pray for him plus room but in the end their conclusion was that there’s nth wrong with my home, he’s probably just going thru a phase and needs to feel secure. They saw a vision of him as a stallion, and the favour of God upon him. Yes, I see him as a stallion too esp when I am trying to catch him at bedtime. hoho. 

The sudden loss of personal space and challenge to our authority plus disruption to our sleep pattern has been quite disconcerting but I have to admit that it’s also very sweet to wake up to the happiest watermelon smile on my planet each morning. The hubbs say E has outdone me in being a morning person. He radiates pure joy once he wakes and kisses us these gentle sweet little kisses. Nonetheless, we know we must ease him back to his room so we have bought mattresses and will be starting our sleep training soon. NOT looking forward to it. 

In other news, we went to Bollywood Veggies with SOG on May Day and had the prettiest Nasi lemak platter ever. E is also happiest in the wild and unfortunately for our cleanup, ran straight into the mud and had a walla time. I wish SG was just a tad cooler though cause the heat can be really draining at times! 


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