Ethan bed!

We got off to slight hitches with putting E back in his room cause we didn’t have a wide enough mattress (he rolls all over) and he wasn’t quite ready to let us out of sight. We had 2 nights of crying before he slept and then he would wake up at 3am and burst into our room in zombie attack mode, and proceed to pounce onto our bed. At that kind of hour, we were pretty much defenceless & too tired to drag him back so we let it rest. 

On the 3rd night, E sprang a stealth mode attack. He crept into our room silently and I thought I heard sth enter but there was no one pouncing on me. So I reached out to my right and tried to feel for E but I could only feel Kwee’s arm. He was so dead asleep that my prodding shocked him awake and he was like “what..??” before I heard a “what you doing here?!” E had crept into the nook of Kwee’s arm on the other side of the bed and fell asleep there without Kwee knowing! hahah. This is how easy it is to assesinate my hubbs in his sleep. 

So anyway, we finally found a mattress configuration that works and after reading some tips, decided that I’ll not lie down beside E till he slept and neither will I leave him immediately cause both elicited undesired reactions of insecurity and crying. Thus, we decided to put him down, pray with him and then one of us sit by his door for abt ten mins which will remain open for the rest of the night. He usually sleeps within that time frame or he wld be at least ok to sort of see us moving ard outside his door and remain on his mattress. I think it gives him assurance that we are nearby. We no longer close the curtains or his door so he does wake at 7ish at times with light and noise pouring in but we are grateful that he has been sleeping through the night in his room for a week! He would wake up each day to say “Ethan bed!” and then we would proudly affirm him. I’m so relieved I don’t have to deal with as much pain and crying as I imagined and that the sleep training has more or less taken off. Thank God for His grace ((: 


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