when God blesses, He does so abundantly

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the car wash with Ethan alone when he suddenly said “mama, baby” twice from his back seat and pointed at me. I was a bit taken aback and wondered if he meant what I thought he meant cause a few months ago, a friend had come to my house and he too had said “baby!” pointing to her. Turns out she was pregnant and she had intended to tell us that night. Well, my period had a been 5 days late by then so I decided to buy a test kit the next day following E’s pronouncement and……

I was super shocked and couldn’t wait to tell the hubbs but decided to buy another kit and test again that night so I did, & then I got E to bring him the results.

He was completely stunned haha! Well this has come as a surprise to us but we are happy nonetheless. We shared with a few closer groups in the subsequent week and then I contacted my thyroid and lupus docs to secure appts so that I can be closely monitored during this round. Since complications MAY be a possibility though we are praying for none at all, we decided to go through the Polyclinic route in order to get subsidised treatment back at SGH. Even though my case notes are all with them, I still had to wait till end May for the earliest gynae appt and hope I get a good doc (or my prev doc) since requesting for a specific one will mean paying private rates.

Anyway, I went for my thyroid checkup when I was about 6 week preg and my doc found that I was hypothyroid. This came as a surprise/scare as I was pretty ok thyroid-wise with my first preg and this was quite early on to be deficient in my hormones. That may have explained the sheer fatigue I was experiencing. She upped my dosage and commanded her colleague to see me in a months’ time as she wld be away. I rallied for prayer in my close groups but at the same time, was concerned about any possible impact to the baby. I was also wondering if there could be a possibility of more than 1 baby cause I was hypo so early on…

About a week plus later, one of my colleagues started to ask/instigate me with qns I had been thinking myself “hv you seen the gynae?” “aren’t you curious?” “are you really gonna wait till you are 10 weeks before seeing the SGH doc..?” “what if you hv twins?” “Kwee needs to plan for a mpv” haha! So I told him ok if there was a Mon night clinic near my Tamp home, I’ll go and just check out this one time to see if the baby is ok. And turns out there was one 7 mins fr my home so off we went!

We waited so long with E in tow, I very nearly wanted to just forget it and go home but then my name was called & in we went. Kwee & E were behind the doc who scanned me and our conversation went sth like 

“ok we can see the heartbeat here”

“Is it just one baby?”

“why do you ask?”

“my mum’s a twin so I always ask this question just to check..”

“oh” *scan search* “Heres the other one”

“ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!!!! DONT JOKE” *grabs doc who doesn’t know me fr Adam”

Kwee and E are stressed and shocked cause they think I’m screaming cause the baby died or sth. 

Nurse comes over and gives her input, “ya got 2”

Doc starts typing into screen “twin fetuses”

I cant stop screaming/exclaiming. Kwee is stunned into further silence & pretty much keeps silent for the whole night. 

And that’s how we went from 3 to 5 as a Fam overnight! E was right. Mama has 2 babies! Completely surprised but I think what has come as an even bigger surprise is the outpouring of love and support from all our family and friends. Their sheer joy and excitement has helped us to be assured that we can definitely wing this & that we are not alone in this. Of course my mum called her twin and both were super happy excited haha. It’s nice to know that our twins will have this legacy of intimate friendship to learn from (: 


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