2 peanuts

On my first official visit to the SGH gynae, we had no clue who to expect except to pray for either my previous doctor or hope for the best. This is the uncertain part about going through a subsidised route cause you can’t choose your doctor. Well thank God then it turned out to be the head of O&G Dr Tan HK who was seeing me. At least I could expect some expertise I guess. Within minutes of seeing me, he started listing down 3 “problems” I had, based on my first pregnancy. Then he continued to say, “You got one baby already so complex, now you got twins.. how?!” What did he expect Kwee and I to say really. We were further disheartened when he said he needed to know “what type” of twin we were having which might add to the complexity. With that, he sent me out for an ultrasound scan. 

My first response was total sianness. I was actually quite excited to be seeing the twins at first but after his somewhat disheartening comments, I felt a bit down. But I also knew better than to let fear become a stronghold in my heart and instead of panicking, we texted all our support groups for prayer. We then went for a leisurely breakfast and had to wait out 3 hours just to get scanned since we were a ‘last minute’ scan case. When it was finally my turn, I recognised the sonographer – same one that had scanned me a couple of times with E. She was meticulous & detailed and concluded that I was having DCDA twins and both were growing healthily. DCDA twins are considered least complex cause they have their own placentas and space to grow. After this report, Dr Tan HK was extremely pleased & relieved? And finally got to asking me how I am feeling, pregnancy symptoms wise 😓. 

On my 2nd recent gynae check-up, both babies were very active and the sonographer had a tough time taking measurements. I was lying down for 30 minutes! She then asked if E was as active and I had to say yes. Hopefully this is not a real indication of how they might be like outside of the womb. So far, all is well and I have been feeling quite alright on the whole except having to eat every 2 hours & feeling extremely gassy between 6pm to 7.30pm. I feel the worst then cause I keep burping, am v hungry but can’t eat and the hunger makes me want to puke though I don’t actually puke. Can’t complain much since I know a lot of twin-expectant mums have it way worse but the discomfort is not sth I enjoy. I also keep having to pee at 3-4am and sometimes it takes me awhile to fall back to sleep but I have decided to use that time to pray… sth I used to do when I was breastfeeding or pumping milk at odd hours. 

2 recurring questions that have popped up from ppl who aren’t in my inner circle are: 1) did u conceive naturally? 2) is this pregnancy going to be like your first? 

With the first question, I can’t help but feel the insensitivity and pointlessness of such a question, esp if it was directed at a couple who might have gone for fertility treatment. Even if I had, I wouldn’t be ashamed of it. Every child conceived and birthed is a miracle of God! In my case, my mum’s a twin so I guess the twin gene came on strong in this round. I wasn’t even sure I would be able to have a #2 & now I have double joy otw! But to be honest, my first thoughts weren’t really outright joy. It was more like shock and fear as to how we were gonna cope. Well next time someone asks me this, I’m gonna say “I conceived supernaturally!”

With the second qn, it’s the kinda thing that I hv no concrete answer to except that my faith is anchored in the same God who carried me through my first preg. Medically, my lupus, thyroid and gynae docs are keeping a close watch and I have been doing well. My lupus doc was the one who kept encouraging us to try for kids again and was confident that we cld weather and manage my condition. Nonetheless whatever the docs say, God has the final verdict and all I can say to these ppl is – if you’ll commit to praying for me, I’ll be fine! With the strong prayer support that I have now, I am confident that this pregnancy will be different, & so far, it has been. 

The twins at 13 weeks. 

We have listed the Audi for sale and am hoping to get a new/old MPV that will serve our needs. Also starting to explore hiring a domestic helper and were told by the agency we checked out that we were a “challenging” case cause got 2 newborns plus toddler. Haha. I thought that’s precisely why we need help. I’m sure God will provide in good time!


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