33 weeks

I have made it to 33 weeks! In spite of all the negativity my POD (prophet of doom) gynae spews each time I see him, we have made it through and I will most certainly see him next week at my crucial 34 weeks. Crucial because that was the time I popped Ethan, and if I can cross that, then we are already at a better stage than I was in my first pregnancy. Thankfully, my lupus and thyroid doctors have all been very kind to me, and I am still in remission for those.

Ethan had his first school concert ever and it was sooo funny and sweet watching him and the whole class perform together. He had been practising singing “Jesus loves me” for weeks at the top of his voice and I kept asking him if there were any “dance moves” to go along with it. He just sorta turned around and wiggled so I thought either that was truly it or maybe he couldn’t follow. He loves music but aint much of a dancer haha so we accept that. On show day, we realised that that was truly all he had to do! Turn around at intervals and even the first turn, he didn’t quite get the memo. Hilarious but oh so cute. For his 3 min performance, we had a rousing turnout of grandparents from both sides (sans my dad who had training), kwee, myself and Jolene. All proudly and madly taking photos.We also contributed muffins to the potluck refreshments after the concert. Apparently this is an annual tradition. Very homely sorta feel which is kinda nice. The teachers would always call if he was missing more than a day of school and be genuinely concerned, and even talk to him to find out how he is.
The good thing about being in a “not so atas” kindergarten is that tickets are free and we dont need to pay exorbitant fees to watch him. I have friends who have had to pay $30/ticket to watch their kids perform. Of course, the location is also more happening like at Jubilee Hall or one of the concert halls. I guess raising a child in SG can cost you a bomb if you choose all the frills and nothing wrong if you can jolly well afford it. But ultimately, I guess it’s what we value as parents and I truly think that kids don’t need so much materially. They just need us to be fully present with them. With that, I also gave away about 70% of Ethan’s toys to Tamar Village (some not even opened) and hope they have better use for them. He came along with me to give the stuff away and didn’t even flinch when they left the car.

Now, I need to get down to sorting out the twins’ logistics. I have been taking in so many things from people, I don’t know what I have or not. I thought I still had a bit of time before they arrive but my pelvic pressure and pain escalated on Monday night and it became unbearable for me to walk. Good thing this was after my (last?) major meal that kwee treated us to – Sunday brunch buffet at Prego at 1-for-1! So shiok.

 The twin mums I have spoken to and the twin forums I read all said they were either on bedrest at this point of the pregnancy or similarly, the pain was killing them. So you are in this complex position of “cant wait to pop!” cause you are so uncomfortable but know you cant cause the babies need to gain weight first. God, please help me last to 36-37 weeks! 3 more weeks!



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