35 weeks – get set, ready, go

As I turned 34 weeks, it appeared that E3’s growth had begun to slow down and stagnate, and he was conserving pumping his blood flows to the brain. This happens when the baby feels there is insufficient nutrients etc for his entire body and would thus reserve for the most important organ – the brain. Weight-wise, the twins weren’t that far apart I felt, at 1.9kg and 1.7kg but Prof Tan was more concerned about the blood flows and immediately labelled E3 as IUGR twin. He said he would see me that weekend on 19 Nov when I turn 35 weeks and then we will decide which is THE day.

I knew from the outset of my barely-speaking gynae that he would definitely pull a sudden or spontaneous decision to deliver me. He didn’t like to discuss any form of “what if” situations with me since it was futile to assume I will be all good (from his perspective) and the best we could do is to watch each week and decide. So I guess I wasn’t completely stunned when he saw me on 19 Nov and then said, “ok. Tmrw deliver?” And I’m like “but it’s Sunday tmrw, do doctors work?” Then he went on about how hard he works and how he works daily but if we do deliver tmrw, ppl wld be pissed with him cause he would have to call down a whole team of people including 4 baby doctors. I get that gynaes are on 24/7 call BUT with a c-sect, you can sorta plan it right? Anyway we finally agreed that it would be Monday 21 Nov then and I would begin my fast from food and drink from midnight.

Kwee and I headed to near my mil’s for our solo coffee/tea date before picking Ethan up & then on impulse, I went to get a pedicure since I haven’t been able to cut my nails on my own for months (kwee does it) and I thought – why not? Last indulgence for a while.

I had been taking my time to prep the twin logistics, borrowing and receiving stuff but nothing like a 48 hour notice on your delivery to get you on track. On Saturday night, Kwee threw together Ethan’s old cot, our helper Faw put together the bouncer and started washing existing bottles we had. On Sunday morning, we dropped E at KFC then went to Kiddy Palace to buy bottles, breastpads, etc. We were gonna utilise our membership as well as KP gifts from COL cell when we realised that that weekend, it was 20% off for regular items so we saved even more $$$. Felt so blessed. Also bought my first tin of 0-6 mth formula milk ever just in case I couldnt produce milk. KP didn’t stock replacement pump parts for my Medela so I had to order that online and hope very hard that I wouldn’t be engorged in the hospital.

We then went to my parents’ place for dinner where we had a last supper of korean army stew and talked about the twins and what it would be like. We also took our last pregnant belly shot. My sister was so sweet to lug home this super cute noah’s ark shape balloon to welcome the twins as well as a delicious choc origin cake so it really felt like a birthday of sorts. Best of all, she also brought home a BOUNCY CASTLE from her friend…it used to belong to his niece and she no longer used it. It’s more like a bouncy playpen but Ethan was so excited. Next time, there will be 3 boys bouncing in there. No one was more delighted than Ethan to oblige with singing happy birthday repeatedly, even in Chinese, and then to partake in the sheer delight of chocolate cake. It was a good night before we meet the twins.



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